Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography
The Art Institute of Boston (Lesley College of Art And Design)

EP Levine Rental Department, Waltham MA

4+ years assisting photographers on a wide range of commercial and editorial shoots

Digital Capture:
Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Leaf, Fuji,

Analog Capture:
4x5/ 8x10 field & monorail large format cameras, medium format analog cameras

Strobe Lighting: Profoto, Bowens, Dynalite, Norman, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Speedotron

Continuous Lighting: Arri, Lowel, Various LED Sources

Software: Capture One, Leaf Capture, Phocus, Lightroom, Adobe Creative Suite

Equipment Maintenance:
Replacement of flash tubes & modeling lights in various strobe heads, sensor cleaning on DSLR cameras, troubleshooting digital technology

Equipment Supply & Rental:
Worked behind the rental desk for a year, have an understanding of rental obligations, and am comfortable working with rental companies for pickups and drop-offs. Managed bookings and upkeep of two commercial studio spaces for rent by creative teams

Working With Subjects:
Have worked in studio with models of all ages, younger models (ages 3 and above), dogs and various small animals, and collaborated with modelling agencies.

Basic power tool skill & woodworking, MIG and TIG welding, CYC wall painting, operation of automotive floor jacks and wheel dollies

Manual and automatic vehicles

Instrument repair, automotive repair & maintenance, ability to lift heavy equipment

Straub Collaborative (SC East)
Rue La La
Avanti Studios
Coppola Studios

Angela Coppola
Austin Huck
Becky Morley
Bruce Peterson
Cathy Tingle (Avanti Studios)
Cory Despres
Dan Aguirre (second Shooter, events & weddings)
Darren Stahlman
Debbie Segreve
Glenn Perry
Jane Messinger
Jeff Coolidge
Jeff Bartlett
Joe Ferarro
Joe Keller (Keller & Keller)
John Soares
Mark Bogacz
Mike Crane
Nicole Connolly
Niki Lazaridou
Nina Gallant
Sadie Dayton
Zev Fisher (second Shooter, events & weddings)

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I am also available upon request as an event second shooter, or as a freelancer for catalog & E-Commerce.

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Email: bridgetcdavies@gmail.com.
Phone: #339-224-0210
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